Who Murdered Dom Sr?
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Friends – now for something fun. My son Sam and his roommate John are struggling young Hollywood writers. They have a popular LA podcast called PODRACERS. What follows is a funny three part... Read More

“Your Honor” : a Two Word Pep Talk
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Friends- What is honor? Personal integrity? Allegiance to moral principles? We are taught to call Judges, ” Your Honor” I am an Eagle Scout. I was raised with the most traditional of values.... Read More

Why we Democrats Deserve to Lose
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I am a Democrat. Today, I read the posturing about Wendy Davis’ big future. I have nothing against Senator Davis, but did these nincompoop politicos witness the same election I just witnessed? Were... Read More

Guest Blog from Legendary Bill Habern
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This is a post-election Guest Blog from my friend Bill Habern. Bill Habern is a distinguished and legendary criminal defense lawyer. He is regarded as the best parole lawyer in the state. Robb... Read More